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Siding in Surrey Having been Born & Raised in Surrey during the 70’s and 80’s, I started my career siding in Surrey. Surrey was, and still is, a rapidly growing city, second, barely, to Vancouver. When my parents purchased their first new home in Surrey in 1979, the houses in our neighbourhood consisted of MOSTLY […] Read More

Best Time to Renovate

Spring is Almost Here Again, Time to Renovate! As we rapidly approach another new renovation season here, it’s time to think about siding in Langley! In fact, although we can replace the siding on your Coquitlam home in ANY weather and at any time of the year, Spring marks the new year for home renovation, […] Read More


James Hardie Siding & Vinyl Siding in Vancouver James Hardie and Vinyl Siding SEO can be boring, but well worth the investment. Investment in James Hardie Siding, and even investments in Vinyl siding, can go a long way when it comes time to sell your home. Many studies have shown that there is a NET […] Read More