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5 great tips to finding the right renovation contractor for your siding

Siding, Renovations, & Installations:Choosing The Right Contractor.Before starting a home renovation project, you will need to find the right partner to work with, a reputable local contractor with the right skills for the job. This decision will have the greatest impact on how your project will unfold, from start to finish, and beyond! Whether you’re considering […]

Hardie Siding vs Vinyl Siding

Hardie siding vs vinyl siding. Outside of appearance, James Hardie siding is over five times thicker than vinyl siding. This allows much deeper grooves and an authentic, wood-grain effect. The result is a much more elegant look which plastic vinyl looks like. And then there’s function. James Hardie Siding is noncombustible, whereas Vinyl quickly melts […]

12 Reasons you need James Hardie siding

12 Reasons you need James Hardie siding: James Hardie offers a wide range of products and styles to choose from. But looks aren’t everything. When James Hardie products are professionally installed, your home is protected from mold, rot, moisture, termites and fire, and an up to 30 year warranty!. Check out this list: Non-Combustible an […]

Curb appeal matters

Curb appeal mattersHere is the good news, that old, ugly exterior is actually a great place to negotiate your price from. The home owner knows they aren’t going to fix it up, like a loose cabinet door, and quite honestly, it bothers them too, even if they won’t admit it, or more humorously try to […]

James Hardie fiber cement siding

WHY IS HARDIE SIDING RIGHT FOR YOU? When it’s come time to consider your home exterior renovation, choosing the right type of siding for your project is crucial. An Exterior Renovation is a major project, and thus one of the more costly expenditures you’re likely to face, therefore taking careful consideration of HOW your money […]