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Why siding repair is important

Whats the big deal about fixing my siding repairs?

It doesn’t take to long for worn or damaged siding repair to turn from a relatively inexpensive and minor issue into something much more serious and costly. That’s why your siding repairs should never be neglected or left unchecked. It’s easier to think of your siding as a raincoat: when the rain’s pouring down, your raincoat’s there to protect you from the wind and the rain. One small tear in the wrong place and you’re soaking wet and freezing cold in no time at all! The major difference between your coat and your siding is that your home will eventually develop costly problems, such as structural rot and even mold! This is why keeping up on your siding repairs is incredibly important.

I’ve seen some YouTube videos on how to do my siding repairs, it’s super easy and only takes 5 minutes!

Siding repair looks easy, and for the most part, your siding repairs are not “Rocket Science”, but someone who knows what they’re doing can make anything look easy. Now, vinyl siding repairs are the most common kind of siding repairs. But this has more to do with vinyl siding being the least durable of your siding options. The up-side is that vinyl siding is the easiest to repair; however, matching up your old siding with the new, modern products is the most difficult part of your vinyl siding repair. This is why hiring a professional to do your vinyl siding repairs can save you a MASSIVE amount of time, trouble, and headache. To tell you the truth, I deal with “Professional” Siding installers every day. I’ve worked with some of the largest single and multi-family siding contractors in the Greater Vancouver Regional District and the Lower Mainland. Together, they do well over 200 spec homes per year, many condo & town-home developments, and dozens of custom homes. And let me tell you this: even the “Professionals” have more than their fair share of deficiencies that get overlooked! There’s always more than one way to complete a repair. The easy way, and the right way. We do it the right way. When we’re done with your siding repair, we bring it back to it’s as new condition. This is why I stand behind our work indefinitely! 

I’ve got Fibre Cement Siding, so I’ve got nothing to worry about!

It’s true. Fibre cement siding and wood siding are by far the most durable siding products. But they’re still susceptible to damage and need of repairs. Fibre cement siding is at risk for delamination from extended exposure to moisture, as opposed to vinyl siding, which is more susceptible to impact damage. Improper, or sometimes complete lack of proper rain-screen systems is a prime cause of damage. Another is caulking failure in critical, high-exposure areas. Doing these siding repairs yourself, though possible, is most often better left to the siding repair professionals. You can very quickly turn a small problem into a much larger and more costly siding repair problem in no time.

I’m going to sell my home anyway, the new owners can deal with the siding repairs!

You should consider having an inspection of your siding done before a potential buyer unleashing a home inspector on your property. They will do their very best to try and find even the slightest of issues, and the homes exterior is easy pickings. If you’ve neglected to maintain your siding, it will most definitely wind up in their report. Potential buyers will leverage those siding repairs to their advantage, driving down your selling price! Don’t give a buyer any opportunity to lower the value of your home because your home’s siding is in poor condition.

It’s not that big of a deal. I’ll wait until my siding repairs need to be done!

That’s definitely your choice. However, in my 20+ years of experience, I can promise you that repairing your siding today is far cheaper than repairing structural rot tomorrow. Get your siding repaired today … or later this week. But never? You’d be crazy!

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