Curb Appeal Matters

Here is the good news, that old, ugly exterior is actually a great place to negotiate your price from. The home owner knows they aren’t going to fix it up, like a loose cabinet door, and quite honestly, it bothers them too, even if they won’t admit it, or more humorously try to sell YOU on it.

See some rotten and peeling cedar siding? No big deal for you, but again gives the purchaser GREAT leverage, even rot that has penetrated the sheathing and some framing members can be cheaply and easily dealt with in most circumstances.

Damaged old, brittle vinyl siding? Brick & mortar that has chipped, cracked, and broken away?

Don’t be discouraged by these issues, this isn’t Bad News, it’s GREAT News, in FACT, this really is YOUR LUCKY DAY!

Not only are you going to be able to leverage these outstanding deficiencies against the asking price by THOUSANDS of dollars, but in the right market conditions, you will be able to save enough to cover a significant portion, if not MOST of the cost of Renewing the buildings envelope, and creating the modern curb appeal you always wanted!

From cultured stone accents, through James Hardie siding, shingle, and trim products, and many other new and exciting siding products, we can work with you to create the curb appeal you’ve been dreaming about, and for less cost than you would have thought!

No more leaks, mice, or other forms of ingress through the envelope, peace of mind knowing your investment has been protected, and the timeless beauty of today’s BEST Siding products to keep you smiling for decades to come, not to mention the previous owner basically PAID for it!

So the NEXT time your Realtor pulls up to a home that is….uninspired, get excited, just not TOO excited…you’re still going to have to pretend you’re disappointed!

Once you’re ready to take the plunge, give us a call, and we would be happy to work with you to help with design ideas, and provide an Estimate for your exterior renovation project.

At WEST COAST BARRIER INC, we’ve worked with countless homeowners to provide them with incredible service, quality workmanship using the best siding products on the market, and great value with competitive market pricing!

Read our reviews, we look forward to the opportunity to earn one from YOU!