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James Hardie Siding Installation

The residents in Vancouver and Tri-cities know how wet and windy BC's Lower Mainland is. Your home's siding frequently gets damaged from it. And the breach that can happen in moisture barrier often leads to water and mold damage that is rather costly to fix. That is why you need to protect your home with professionally installed James Hardie Siding.

Nothing else compares to the value this product provides.

Just take look at the amazing warranty James Hardie provides you

The Hardie Siding brand protects your home for up to 30 years*. They can guarantee their product like that because they have invested millions of dollars into their R&D and know what works. They've tested their products against everything we're exposed to yearly: rain, wind, sleet, snow, and hot, dry stretches of summer. But that's not all. James Hardie siding products are also fire-retardant, termite-resistant, prevent rot, boasts a better impact resistance than wood or vinyl siding and is easier to repair than brick.

Hardie Siding offers a wide range of styles to choose from

Hardie siding can create a look that can be made to replicate the look of vinyl, brick, or wood. And if that doesn't suit your tastes, the Hardie brand also offers a wide selection of patterned surfaces to pick from, in addition to primed or factory painted colours. Want that little bit extra? Accent the exterior of your home with Hardie Trim options.

It's easy to repair Hardie Siding

Another reason to install Hardie siding on your home is the convenience to repair it. If the damage is contained to a single plank, only a single plank needs to be professionally replaced. We will inspect, assess, estimate, procure and replace the damaged board for you at no-cost if under warranty!

Prevent Rot & Mold

The protective sealant used that creates the moisture barrier when installing James Hardie siding performs a critical function: it prevents rot and mold! This is especially important for family members with respiratory illnesses or homes with young children.

A little more about the warranty & how this choice is an investment

Manufacturer warranties are available for up to 30 years depending on the options you choose. And as an investment, well, just look at this list and ask yourself what other siding product provides this:

  • incredible durability
  • a diverse range of appearances
  • up to 30 year warranty*
  • the practicality and cost-savings associated with being able to repair just the damaged section.


Homes that get Hardie siding professionally installed net an average return on investment of typically 25% more than it is for you to add another bathroom.

Whether you're a residential home or a commercial building, Hardie siding hands-down is your best investment! To get the most out of your warranty and to make sure the product provides stands up to its reputation, get West Coast Barrier to professional install it.