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Hardie Siding Repair

James Hardie products are incredibly durable. But they're not indestructible. Here are two examples we see way too often:

  • the product wasn't professionally installed. The result was a some planks loosening during a major storm -- which is something us Vancouver and Lower Mainland residents know of all too well.
  • the sealant was shoddily done. This means the moisture barrier didn't protect the home as intended, which led to rot, mold, and structural damage.

Unfortunately, we see frequently see situations like this. It's why we constantly stress that your siding installation or repair needs to be done by professionals.

Either way: if something is wrong with your Hardie Siding, we will professionally repair it.

We will send a qualified team to come directly to your home to inspect, assess, and give you an accurate estimate for the repairs you need.

And West Coast Barriers always offers free estimates!