Siding Repair & Restoration Services

Siding is incredibly durable. But, every now, it needs to be repaired or restored. Here, at West Coast Barrier, our siding experts have extensive experience in fixing damaged siding. We will bring it back to its as new condition.

Common reasons people repair their siding:

• Warped Siding
• Signs of Mold or Mildew
• Signs of Dry Rot

• Cracking
• Fading
• Peeling

• Add value to their home
• Increased insulation
• Water Damage

Vinyl Siding Repair is incredibly Cost effective.

It's often much more cost effective to replace damaged siding than it is to contract an entirely new siding installation. Luckily, vinyl siding is an extremely popular choice, and that makes the overall repair project easier.

primed james hardie plank & shingle portfolio 1 v2
primed james hardie plank & shingle portfolio 1 v2

Wood Siding Repair. Includes: Cedar siding, shingle & Soffit siding:

Cedar & wood siding is beautiful, natural & environmentally friendly. However, like all exterior siding, it can chip and warp. Luckily, most kinds of wood siding can often be restored back to their rustic beauty.

Common Wood Siding repairs we perform include:

  • Filling holes in gaps
  • Fixing warped wood boards
  • & replacing damaged wood boards or shingles

Siding restorations might be exactly what you need.

While it does depend on the kind and extent of siding damage you have, we are able to perform full siding restorations. And this is possible for nearly any kind exterior siding you have. 

Some of the smaller wear and tear problems that suit restoration include the fascia board drip edge or replacing a scuffed piece of siding.

Whatever it is, we're happy to come out and provide a spot-inspection and estimate.